The Scary Truth Behind Why Trump’s Staff is Basically Immune From Ethics Discipline

In Transgender Restroom Fight, Trump’s DOJ Sides With Bathroom Bigots

Five Reasons Parents Should Be Very, Very Scared of Betsy DeVos

Trump’s ‘So-Called Judge’ Tweet May Be Start of Impeachment We’ve All Been Waiting For

McConnell Has a Lot of Nerve Scolding Democrats for Plan to Block Gorsuch, Even if He’s Right

Seriously, Arkansas? Even Trump Knows Same-Sex Marriage Is Done Deal

In Totally Offensive Speech, Lawmaker Urges Sunday Store Closings So Wife Won’t Spend All His Money

Acting Attorney General (Obama Appointee) Fired for Forgetting Lessons of Civics Class 101

Trump’s Stance on Torture is Totally Crumbling, But He’s Too Stubborn to Admit It

GOP Official Under Fire After Posting Meme Asking If Women’s Protest Will Be Home to Cook Dinner

GOP Introduces Perhaps Most Absurd Pro-Gun Law Yet

GOP So Obsessed with Planned Parenthood that It Sacrifices Repeal of Obamacare

GOP Sneakily Revives Rule Allowing Congressmen to Gut Federal Agencies

It’s Now Clearer Than Ever That Snowden’s No Hero and Deserves No Pardon From Obama

What Chief Justice John Roberts Would Really Say in His Year-End Report If He Could Speak His Mind

Ted Cruz is Right, Clarence Thomas Should Not Be Snubbed by National Museum of African American History

Investigative Report Shows Brock Turner’s Judge Really Wasn’t ‘Biased’

Lawyer Sues for Libel Over Negative Three-Word Online Review. PLEASE.

President Trump Could Have His Own Propaganda Network — and We’ll Be Paying for It

Transgender Bathroom Case Basically Thrown to Trump Administration by SCOTUS

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