GOP Introduces Perhaps Most Absurd Pro-Gun Law Yet

GOP So Obsessed with Planned Parenthood that It Sacrifices Repeal of Obamacare

GOP Sneakily Revives Rule Allowing Congressmen to Gut Federal Agencies

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Investigative Report Shows Brock Turner’s Judge Really Wasn’t ‘Biased’

Lawyer Sues for Libel Over Negative Three-Word Online Review. PLEASE.

President Trump Could Have His Own Propaganda Network — and We’ll Be Paying for It

Transgender Bathroom Case Basically Thrown to Trump Administration by SCOTUS

Finally, Someone is Holding Stanford University Responsible for Campus Rape

Here’s Why the Justin Ross Harris Guilty Verdict is Absolutely Bananas

Scare Tactics Used to Spread Wrong Info About Massive Healthcare Bill About To Sail Through Congress

This Tweet Proves Trump is Constitutionally Clueless

Here’s Why Trump’s Claim That Millions Voted ‘Illegally” is So Absurd

Turns Out Trump’s New National Security Advisor Also Played Loose With The Rules

Try as They Might, WaPo Fails to Stick Another ‘Scandal’ on Steve Bannon

Mississippi Mayor Completely Misses the Point of Provocative Billboard

Only Fraction of More Than 100 Arrested for Protesting Trump Actually Voted

Here’s Why the Justin Ross Harris Guilty Verdict is Absolutely Bananas

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