Trump is Right, DNC Did ‘Collude’ With Clinton — They Basically Admitted It

No, Trump Did Not Engage in ‘Witness Tampering’ Just Because Comey Maybe Got Shook

Trump Blaming Another Person With Absolutely No Control of Russia Probe, For Russia Probe

Coal CEO’s Lawsuit Against John Oliver Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Not So Fast! What Trump’s Tweet Is Really Saying About the ‘Comey Tapes’

NC Law: Once Women Start Having Sex, They’re Not Allowed To Stop

Shocking! Federal Prosecutors Apparently Lied About Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning

Trump’s Got a New Lawyer. And He’s in a Band Named After Himself.

COINCIDENCE? State AG Who Sued Trump Over His Businesses Just Happens to Have Stake in Business Related to Competitor

Trump’s Lawyer Actually Has No Idea Whether Trump is Under Investigation

Why Megyn Kelly, NBC Deserves to Be Sued For Alex Jones Interview

Trump’s Lawyer Gives White House Aides Terrible Legal Advice — Bar Complaints Come Rolling In

No, Gingrich, Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia Investigation Isn’t Partisan

Trump Obstruction Story May Not Be ‘Phony,’ but It Ain’t Much

President Trump You Still Have to Actually Invoke Executive Privilege to Prevent Sessions From Answering Questions

AGs and Congressmen are Suing Trump over Emoluments; Here’s What it All Means

Justice By Algorithm? Computerized Sentencing Programs Yield Controversy Without Accountability

SCOTUS Strikes Down Gender Discrimination Against Men, Everyone Wins

Special Counsel Mueller Must Recuse from Comey Part of Inquiry

What The Heck is Trump’s Personal Lawyer Doing Filing a Complaint With Trump’s Justice Department?

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