Could James Comey Now Sue for Defamation?

Can the President Be Indicted While in Office? Here’s Why it Could Happen

Could James Comey Now Sue White House for Defamation?

Congresswoman Says O’Reilly’s Termination Signals End of Fox’s Days as ‘Sexual Harassment Enterprise’ (VIDEO)

Letter Signed by over 450 Sexual Assault Victims Demands Fox News Fire O’Reilly

Harvard Law Prof Says Trump Is a Lot More Impeachable Than We Think

In Bizarre Interview, United CEO Just Practically Hands Huge Legal Win to Ejected Passenger

Judge Napolitano Now Calls for Jailing ‘Serial Liar’ Susan Rice

‘Grab ‘Em By the Pussy’ Rebooted by Fox in Sexual Assault Training Class

Judge Rejects Polanski’s Bid to End Sex Abuse Case

Why Greta Van Susteren Can’t Be Taken Seriously About Fox’s Sexual Harassment Scandals Anymore

Huckabee Pressures Graham to ‘Go Nuclear’ on Gorsuch by Implying He’s Gay

6 Times When Fox’s Judge Napolitano Got Things Very, Very Wrong

Brady’s Friendship With Trump Could Hinder Case of Super Bowl Jersey Found in Mexico

It’s Time for Fox News to Let Judge Napolitano Go

UPDATE: FBI Confirms Arrest Connected to Seizure-Inducing Tweet Sent to Journalist Kurt Eichenwald

Report: Trump’s Legal Team Considering Lawsuit Against MSNBC Over Release of Tax Returns

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Obama Admin Used British Intel Service to Spy on Trump During Campaign

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Report: No Evidence Trump Followed Through on Promise to Decline All But $1 of Presidential Salary

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