Brady’s Friendship With Trump Could Hinder Case of Super Bowl Jersey Found in Mexico

It’s Time for Fox News to Let Judge Napolitano Go

UPDATE: FBI Confirms Arrest Connected to Seizure-Inducing Tweet Sent to Journalist Kurt Eichenwald

Report: Trump’s Legal Team Considering Lawsuit Against MSNBC Over Release of Tax Returns

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Obama Admin Used British Intel Service to Spy on Trump During Campaign

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Report: No Evidence Trump Followed Through on Promise to Decline All But $1 of Presidential Salary

REPORT: Pundit Settles With Fox News After Claims Executive Tried to Force Oral Sex

Several Liberal Journalists Apparently Want IRS Employees to Commit Felonies to Get Trump’s Taxes

GOP Senator Accuses Own Party of Hiding Obamacare Repeal Plans From Public

In Amended Libel Lawsuit, Melania Trump Now Includes ‘Hooker’ Statement from NY Times Reporter

Federal Authorities May Be Investigating Fox News for Violating Law

Sports Writer Who Likened Trump Inauguration to 9/11 Sues After Being Fired

‘Someone Stole My Jersey’: Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady Asks Fans to Help Him Find It

Fox’s Judge Jeanine Claims ‘Sleaze Bag’ Anthony Weiner Will ‘Probably be Convicted’

Former Local NBC News Director Accepts Plea Deal Over Involvement in Male Brothel

CNN Supreme Court Reporter Apparently Needs Primer on Difference Between District and Appellate Courts

Donald Trump is Turning Supreme Court Announcement Into Version of The Apprentice

Democratic Senator Claims Trump Executive Order Will ‘Get Americans Killed’

Multiple Journalists Say They Face Felony Charges for Covering Inauguration Protests

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