Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club Cited for 13 Health Violations

Mother Claims United Sent Her $400 in Vouchers After Drunk Man Groped Her Repeatedly

Judge Napolitano Now Calls for Jailing ‘Serial Liar’ Susan Rice

Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ From 2012 Campaign Finally Discovered

Alleged Russian Hacker Arrested in Spain at U.S. Request

White House Defends Syrian Strike as Legally ‘Justified and Proportional’

Trump’s Syria Strike May Get The U.S. in Some Legal Hot Water

‘Going Nuclear’ Is Actually Dems Fault and Proof They Haven’t Learned Anything From Hillary’s Loss

WATCH: Angry Young Man Goes Nuts Destroying Pro-Life Display on College Campus

Court Takes Major Step in Ruling Sexual Orientation Connected to Sex Discrimination

Trump Advisor Ordered to Surrender Controversial Immigration Documents Captured by Photographer

Susan Rice Refuses to Deny Trump ‘Unmasking’ Requests — Despite Claiming Ignorance Just Weeks Ago

Democratic Congressman Wants to Force Trump Tax Disclosures

Did Obama Advisor Susan Rice Break Law By Requesting ‘Unmasking’ of Trump Officials?

FL Governor Reassigns 21 More Murder Cases from Prosecutor Who Refuses to Pursue Death Penalty

Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice Reportedly Requested ‘Unmasking’ of Trump Officials

Trump Apparently Allowed to Get Money From His Trusts at Anytime Without Disclosing It

Lawyer Asking for Flynn Immunity Deal Was Apparently ‘Never Trumper’

Dem Rep Totally Unapologetic After Causing Panic By Spreading ICE Raid Rumors

FBI Arrests State Dept. Employee for Allegedly Sharing Secrets with Chinese

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