Report: No Evidence Trump Followed Through on Promise to Decline All But $1 of Presidential Salary

Federal Judges Find Texas Gerrymandered Maps on Racial Lines

DC Restaurant Sues Trump, Hotel for Unfair Competition

Federal Judge Sets Hearing Next Week as Hawaii Tries to Block New Trump Travel Ban

Ethics Groups Call for US Atty to Investigate Trump Org for Emoluments Clause Violations

Trump’s New Anti-immigrant Policy Would Have Made It Pretty Hard for Melania to Get Here

Several Liberal Journalists Apparently Want IRS Employees to Commit Felonies to Get Trump’s Taxes

GOP Senator Accuses Own Party of Hiding Obamacare Repeal Plans From Public

Bar Complaint Accuses Reince Priebus of Corruptly Attempting to Influence FBI Investigation

WATCH LIVE: Accused Killer of Beauty Queen Tara Grinstead Appears in Court

Federal Court Blocks California Law Barring Publication of Actors’ Ages

Cops Say Teenage Girls Killed in Indiana Managed to Get Recording of Killer’s Voice

Trump Will Do Away With Obama Transgender Student Guidelines, Report Says

Fmr Top Obama Aide Ordered to Pay $90K Fine for Illegally Lobbying on Uber’s Behalf

Local Official Fired After Accidentally Streaming Private Sex Video on Visitors Bureau Instagram Account

Ethics Experts Concerned About Nominee Scott Pruitt’s Plans for EPA Lawsuits

Federal Authorities May Be Investigating Fox News for Violating Law

College Student Suspended for Posting Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant Online (Video)

GOP Congressman Accuses Anti-Trump Protesters of Knocking His 71-Year-Old Staffer Unconscious

Lawsuit Reveals Top Officials at Obama’s DHS Also Used Personal Emails For Sensitive State Business

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