Islamic Society Scores Win Against New Jersey Town, Mosque Will Get Built

Even Clarence Thomas Smacked Down North Carolina Racial Gerrymandering

Here’s What Could Happen if Michael Flynn Ignores Senate Subpoena

Judge Faces ACLU Ethics Complaint for Not Dealing With Same-Sex Couple Adoptions

Appeal in Boy’s Burp Arrest Case Relies on Gorsuch Dissent

Lawmaker Wants to Cut Budget by Turning Over Non-English Speaking Students to ICE

Sessions’ Disastrous New ‘Tough on Crime’ Policy Could Do Far More Harm Than Good

Trump Firing Comey Isn’t ‘Nixonian’– It’s Way Worse

University of Texas Stabbings Put Campus Carry Law to Test

Texas Adoption Agencies Could Ban Jews, Gays, Muslims

Prosecutors: Heiress Changed Victim’s Life Then Plotted His Death

Trump is About to Release His ‘Religious Freedom’ Order, and It’s Looking Awful

Why Michael Flynn Could Be in Some Deep, Deep Legal Trouble

Trump’s Lawyers Prove They Have No Idea How the First Amendment Works

Trump Campaign’s Legal Tab Tops $4 Million for Defending Lawsuits

Congresswoman Says O’Reilly’s Termination Signals End of Fox’s Days as ‘Sexual Harassment Enterprise’ (VIDEO)

White Supremacist Files Bizarre Lawsuit Claiming Trump Directed Supporters to Remove Protesters

Arkansas Vows to Keep Pushing for Executions Despite Setback

California Police Union Says New Rule to Curb Police Shootings Will Put Officers’ Lives at Risk

College Senate Makes Flying American Flag Optional

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