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Ex-Vanderbilt Football Player Convicted of Rape

Brendan Dassey Lawyers Petition for His Release

‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ Wrestler-Turned-Law Professor Talks About New Netflix Show

Bernie Sanders’ Wife Lawyers Up in Face of Fraud Investigation

Prosecutors Appeal Hernandez’s Voided Murder Conviction

WATCH: Legal Analysis on Big Court Win for Making a Murderer‘s Brendan Dassey

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Defend Reputation at Criminal Trial

Juror Thought Alleged Cosby Victim’s Bare Midriff Made Her Unbelievable

Ferguson Attorney: Brown Family Settlement $1.5 Million

Veteran LAPD Officer Arrested for Sex with 15-Year-Old Cadet

No, Johnny Depp Can’t Be Arrested For Crude Joke About Assassinating Trump

VERDICT WATCH: Rape Trial of Brandon Banks, Ex-Vandy Football Player

Appeals Court Agrees With Lower Court Ruling That Yes, Brendan Dassey Confession Was Involuntary

Dalia Dippolito’s Attorneys Demand New Trial, Claim Juror Sleeping During Critical Testimony

Avery Attorney Says Prosecutor ‘Concealed’ Crucial Voicemail

ACLU: Cops Don’t Have a Constitutional Right To Rape Protesters

Woman Claiming Sexual Assault by Driver Says Uber Should be Held Accountable

Trump Admin Sued for Using Super Secret Snowden-Endorsed Messaging App

Juror: 2 Holdouts in Bill Cosby’s Trial Refused to Convict

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant Contract Is Probably Unenforceable, Definitely Absurd

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