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Residents of These 15 States Get Milk Refunds as Result of Class Action Lawsuit

Sex Assault Accuser Summer Zervos Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump

WATCH VIDEO: Gloria Allred Press Conference With Woman Suing Trump

Days Before Trump Inauguration, Deportation Case Goes Before Supreme Court

Raw Story Used This Journalist’s Picture in Story About Widow Accused of Abetting Orlando Shooter

Gloria Allred Says Accuser Will File Lawsuit Against President-Elect Trump Today

Orlando Nightclub Gunman’s Wife Faces Charges Tied to Attack

Divinity Schools Push Back Against Sexism, Promote Gender-Neutral Pronouns for God

Bill Introduced to Televise Supreme Court Hearings, Justices Hate Idea

Poll Shows Most Americans Don’t Think Trump Should Sell Businesses

U.S., Cuba Sign Agreement for Law Enforcement Cooperation

Anti-Trumpers’ Most Futile Effort Yet to Stop Trump from Being Sworn In

REPORT: NBC Says Trump Supporter Who Wore Clinton ‘Rape’ Shirt Should Have Expected to Get Beaten

Here’s Why You Won’t See Much of MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech on TV

Pulse Shooter’s Wife Arrested for Aiding and Abetting, Report Says

That Time Trump Sued Bill Maher After Joke About His Mom Having Sex with Orangutan

Trump Met with Anti-Abortion Judge for Supreme Court Seat, Report Says

Is New OJ Miniseries a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

Bill Would Make It Legal to Run Over Protesters ‘Unintentionally’

Famous Pastor’s Death Stirs Controversy Because He Was Once Sued for Pressuring Teens into Sex

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