Harry Shearer Suing Studios For $125 Million In Unpaid ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ Royalties

Report: Brad Pitt Will Not Face Federal Charges Over Child Abuse Allegations

Expert: California’s ‘Anti-IMDb’ Law ‘Isn’t Even Close’ To Constitutional

California Passes Law Requiring IMDb to Delete Actors’ Ages Upon Request

Lawyers Claim Law & Order: SVU Episode Inspired False UVA Rape Allegations

Univision Deletes 6 Gawker Media Posts At Issue In Lawsuits

That Movie About Chris Benoit Murder/Suicide Is Finally Happening

Britney Spears Threatens to Sue Magazine Over ‘Offensive’ Story

‘F**k the Police’: Chris Brown Instagram Rants While Police Surround His Home

Prince’s Niece Fighting DNA Testing In The Battle For His Estate

Contract For ‘The Apprentice’ Let Producers Set Rules About Types Of Sex for Contestants

Founders of Popular File Sharing Site Indicted For Allegedly Laundering Millions

Juvenile Prisoners Sue ‘Empire’ Alleging Filming Placed Detention Center on Lockdown

Porn Site Looking to Make Brendan Dassey’s Wrestlemania Dreams Come True

Judge Orders Lawyers Who Won ‘Happy Birthday’ Lawsuit Get $4.62 Million, Too

After Successful Experiment, ’60 Days In’ Sends More Undercover Civilians to Jail

Univision To Buy Gawker Media For Reported $135 Million Bid In Bankruptcy Court

‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Lawyers Up After Firing

Appellate Court Rules Mel Gibson’s Ex-Wife Violated Confidentiality Agreement

WWE Sued By Wrestler Turned Gigolo Over Streaming Video Royalties

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