John Oliver Slapped With Defamation Suit over This ‘Last Week Tonight’ Takedown of Coal Exec

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant Contract Is Probably Unenforceable, Definitely Absurd

Corinne Olympios’ Lawyers Investigating Alleged ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Sex Assault

Investigation Determines No Sexual Assault in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Incident

Why Megyn Kelly, NBC Deserves to Be Sued For Alex Jones Interview

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Asks For $3 Million Bail Reduction

‘This is My Worst Nightmare’: After Alleged Sex Assault, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant Speaks Out

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Halts Production Amid Investigation of Possible Sexual Assault

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Lawsuit Argues Games Like “Pokémon Go” Should Have First Amendment Protections

Law Professor Files Complaint Against Theater for ‘Women Only’ Wonder Woman Screenings

Woman Accuses Beyonce of Trademark Fraud in Battle over ‘Blue Ivy’ Brand

‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Says Tyra Banks ‘Abused,’ Pulled Hair of Daughter

Man Sues James Cameron for $300 Million, Claims ‘Titanic’ Based on Him

Eminem is Suing a New Zealand Political Party Over ‘Lose Yourself’

Like ‘Lord of the Flies’: Music Festival Results in $100 Million Fraud Lawsuit

Aretha Franklin Makes Totally Strange Claim (By Fax) that Dionne Warwick Libeled Her

Tomi Lahren Asks Court to Hold Glenn Beck, TheBlaze in Contempt For Dishing Dirt to Daily Caller

Blake Shelton, In Touch Magazine Settle Defamation Case Over ‘Rehab’ Cover

Oscar Winning Film ‘Manchester By The Sea’ Inspired Real Life Murder of Disabled Boy, DA Says

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