Ex-Teacher Impregnated by 13-Year-Old Sentenced to 10 Years

Man Gets Back at DMV by Bringing In Wheelbarrows of 300,000 Pennies to Pay Taxes

VIDEO: ‘Branded’ Dog Forced to Ride On Top of Trailer

Flag-Burning Arrest Turns Into Lawsuit Against Police

‘God Bless the Shooter’: Man Taunts Deputies With Sign Supporting Suspected Cop Killer

Good Samaritan Saves Wounded Trooper from Highway Gunman, Authorities Say

Community College Pays $28,000 Ransom After Cyber Attack Locks Them Out of Network

Armed 12-Year Old Allegedly Demands Chicken McNugget After Classmate Refuses to Share

In True Kim Fashion, No Need to Travel to Testify for Upcoming Robbery Trial

Leotard Clad Bandit Continues to Stay a Step Ahead of Cops (VIDEO)

‘Doctor Love’ Indicted for Allegedly Cheating Elderly Woman into Buying Him Car

VIDEO: Armed Robber Just Wanted a Cigarette, Police Say

Official Given Diplomatic Immunity After Allegedly Rubbing Crotch Against Woman on Subway

WATCH: Employees Fight Back to Thwart Attempted Armed Robbery

‘These People are Wrong!’: Trump Is NOT Violating Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, Lawyer Says

Whoops! Man Allegedly Texts Deputy in Failed Attempt to Score Meth

Man Goes on Facebook Rant After Cop Gave Him $128 Ticket for Leaving Car Running in Driveway

New Call for Criminal Charges Against Congressman Who Removed ‘Anti-Police’ Pig Painting

Wild Brawl Breaks Out During Women’s College Basketball Game (Video)

Man Says Deputies Mistook Cat Litter for ‘Meth’

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