Mom Gets 5 Years for Kidnapping Teen, Claims it was ‘To Teach Her Daughter a Lesson’

Ex-Mayor Pleads Guilty to Distributing Meth Following Sting

Man Tries to Burn Down Convenience Store, Thinking Indian Manager Was Arabic

Woman Attacked Boyfriend with ‘Samurai-Type’ Sword, Police Say

Environmentalists Carve Bizarre Message Into Trump Golf Course (WATCH)

‘I am God!’: Witnesses and Police Clash over Brutal Arrest Video

Man Allegedly Attacked ‘Saddam Hussein-Looking Guy’ in Hate Crime

Bill Would Require Automatic Blocking of Child Pornography—and Legal Porn, Too

WATCH: College Quarterback Tackled by Police Says He Didn’t Know Why Police Were Arresting Him

Man Arrested for Jumping White House Fence

Watch: Lyft Driver Gets Beatdown From Group Of Dirt Bikers, Cops Say

Man Caught With $164k Worth of ‘Cocaine Busting Out’ of Tightly Fitting Pants at JFK

Cops: Mom Brutally Beats 71-Year-Old Woman After She Scolded Her Child for Bad Manners

Justin Bieber Imposter Charged With Nearly 1,000 Child Sex Crimes

Attorney’s Pants Literally Catch Fire in the Middle of Arson Trial

WATCH: College Student Literally Juggles His Way Out of a Possible DWI Ticket

Soldier Sentenced to 6 Years for Spying on Teen Girls

WATCH: Full Scale Melee Breaks Out at High School State Wrestling Championship

Crazy Video Shows Alleged Sexual Assailant Creep Around Hotel in Ski Mask

Man Allegedly Attacked Museum Security Guard over Crooked Painting

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