Preet Bharara Throws Shade at Donald Trump over Decision to Hide White House Visitor Logs

District Attorney Says He’ll Jail Rape Victims to Make Them Testify

Lunch Lady Fired After Giving Free Food to Kids Who Couldn’t Afford Full Meal

‘I Wanted to Punch Her in the Throat’: Dem Lawmaker Facing Backlash for Violent Comment About GOP Woman

Internet Goes Off the Deep End After State Senate Approves Church Getting Own Police Force

Fmr Army Ranger Blasts ‘Fascist’ Students Who Say Chik-fil-A Threatens Campus Safe Space (VIDEO)

Police Investigate Officer After Video Shows Shocking Beating of Alleged Jaywalker (WATCH)

Mother Claims United Sent Her $400 in Vouchers After Drunk Man Groped Her Repeatedly

Viral Video May Prove United Misled Feds During 2014 Rule Change Process

VIDEO: Cop Kicked Man Who Was Handcuffed, Face Down on Ground

Woman Sentenced for Hiring ‘Hitman’ to Kill Daughter’s Boyfriend

‘Cross-Dressers in the Building’: Staffer Warns Pages About LGBT Youth in Building

Cops’ Side of Story About Viral United Passenger Removal Video Gets Even Weirder

Battered Passenger Should Definitely Sue! Why United Could Be In Deep Legal Trouble After Viral Video

Passenger Dragged Screaming Off Plane Because Airline Overbooked Flight (WATCH)

Crazy Video Shows Cop Slamming High-Heeled College Woman to Ground

Law Student Says Airbnb Was Cancelled Because She’s Asian

Man Reportedly Lost $100,000 Jackpot Because Friend Hit Slot Machine Button

Police Say Cat Survived Getting Doused in Gasoline, Almost Crushed in Garbage Truck

#LUNCHSHAMING: New Law Stops Schools from Shaming Students Who Don’t Have Lunch Money

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