Security Guard Pleads Guilty to Masturbating During Chargers Game

Man in Underwear Breaks into Pastor’s Home, Gets Shot, Deputies Say

Planet Hollywood Sued for Vegas Strip Hotel Room Mannequin

Insane Chase Doesn’t Even End After Tasering (Video)

Alleged Shoplifter Hilariously Fell Face First in Attempted Getaway (WATCH)

‘A Threat to Civilized Society’: This Man Sued His Date for Texting During Movie

Man Holding Human Head Stabs Worker At Oregon Grocery Store

Lawyer Arrested for Trying to Bring Gun on Flight to Cuba, Cops Say

Man Charged With Hitting Goose With Bat Claims He Was Protecting Son

Father Charged After Child Allegedly Sat Alone in Car Eating Cannabis Candy

Security Guard Allegedly Sucker Punched by Man She Found Almost Passed Out (WATCH)

Trump Lawyer Posts Lingerie Pic of His Daughter and Twitter Responds as You’d Expect

Lawsuit: Woman Attacked by Camel at Confederate President’s Retirement Home

Man Publicly Masturbated Because He ‘F–king Hates Portland,’ Cops Say

Woman Hit Son Because He Didn’t Make Her Mother’s Day Card, Police Say

Family Kicked off JetBlue Flight over Birthday Cake

Protesters Chant ‘Russia Is Our Friend’ During Pro-Confederate Statue Rally (WATCH)

Sentencing Scheduled for Man Who Orchestrated ‘Bridgegate’

Appeal in Boy’s Burp Arrest Case Relies on Gorsuch Dissent

‘Why Are N—–s Black?’ Student Investigated for Allegedly Altering School Test With Racist Question

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