Student Threatened With Legal Action After Recording Anti-Trump Lecture

Lawsuit Reveals Sofia Vergara’s Ex Feared That ‘We Will Go to Hell’

Woman Says She Was Kicked Out of Victoria’s Secret After Another Black Woman Caught Shoplifting

WATCH: Woman Who Allegedly Faked Abduction Attacks News Cameraman

School Officer Shoots Knife Wielding 14-Year-Old Student (VIDEO)

Mistrial Motion After Witness Says Dylann Roof Should Go to ‘the Pit of Hell’

New York Giants Player’s Home Vandalized with ‘N—r Lover’ and ‘Go Back to Africa’

Sandy Hook Truther Indicted for Allegedly Threatening Victim’s Parent

WATCH: Crazy Mannequin Challenge ‘Shootout’ Scene Leads to Criminal Charges

WATCH: Stormtrooper Miserably Fails Shooting Test in Police Recruitment Video

Teen Suicides Might Lead to Stronger Cyberbullying Law

WATCH: Man Drives into Truck, Then Goes to Town on It With a Shovel

Trump Supporter Stabbed in Throat Over Racial Slur

Forest Service Allegedly Shielded Man Accused of Sexual Harassment with Letter Opener

Teen Accused of Insane NYC Skyscraper Climbing Stunt Surrenders to Police (Video)

WATCH: Witness Might Face Contempt for Calling Lester Jones ‘Piece of Crap Killer’

Suspension Upheld for Teacher Who Stepped on U.S. Flag During SCOTUS Lesson

Teen Who Allegedly Murdered Mom and Little Brother Wanted to Kill Dad Too, Police Say

‘We Speak English Here!’: Man Allegedly Threatened to Shoot ‘all Spanish-Speaking People’

Here’s Why This Man Took His Mugshot with… a Parrot

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