GOP Introduces Perhaps Most Absurd Pro-Gun Law Yet

Inspector General Should Be Investigating Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Not Comey

Sen. Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing Testimony Strengthens Case For Hillary Clinton Pardon

20 Years After JonBenet Ramsey’s Murder, Here’s Why I Changed My Mind About What Really Happened

Hillary Had One Chance to Oust Trump This Week, and She Really Blew It

‘Faithless Elector’ Scenario Disastrous Way to Save Us From President Trump

Sorry But Alleged Russian Influence in Presidential Election Won’t Lead to a ‘Do-Over’

Sore Winner? Why Congressman Issa Is Not Going to Win Libel Lawsuit Against His Opponent

Clinton Attorney Marc Elias’ Election Recount Hypocrisy is Politics at its Worst

Despite All This Hype, Recounts are Likely Huge Waste of Time

Try as They Might, WaPo Fails to Stick Another ‘Scandal’ on Steve Bannon

Only Fraction of More Than 100 Arrested for Protesting Trump Actually Voted

Here’s Why President Obama Should Absolutely Not Give Hillary Clinton a Pardon

How the Pollsters Got It So Wrong: Failure to Detect Lies From Closet Trump Voters

If Hillary Is Indicted, President Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might be Helpless

UPDATE: Russia Seriously Tried to Send Election Monitors to U.S., Report Says

Trump, Surrogates Could Themselves Face Defamation Lawsuit

We Evaluate the Strength of Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Bill Clinton

Judge Allows Alleged ISIS Funder to Be Served With Notice of Lawsuit Via Twitter

Trump Foundation Probe Shows NY AG Uses Office to Protect Clinton, Attack Her Political Foes

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