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Fmr NHL Star Facing Rape Investigation, Report Says

‘Each New Day is a New Nightmare’: GOP Judge Calls for Trump Impeachment

GOP, Dems Want Answers From FBI Regarding Flynn’s Russia Contacts

Parents Furious After Video Showed Teachers Playing ‘F**k, Marry, Kill’ Game About Special Needs Students

The Scary Truth Behind Why Trump’s Staff is Basically Immune From Ethics Discipline

Woman Accused of Live Streaming Rape of Teen Gets Nine Month Sentence

This Facebook Comment Cost Woman Half a Million Dollars

Alanis Morissette Targeted in Home Invasion, $2 Million in Jewelry Gone

Could Michael Flynn Really Be Arrested if He Discussed Sanctions With Russia?

A Judge Took 32 Pages to Declare That Snuggies Aren’t Clothing

Babysitter Accused of Using Kids in Bank Robbery Sentenced to Six Years

Woman Sues Claiming Box of Candy Came Half-full

Uber Glitch Let Wife Track Husband, Now He’s Suing Them for Failed Marriage

Non-Citizen Sentenced to Eight Years for Illegal Voting in 5 Elections

Cop Disciplined After Not Knowing Difference Between Doughnut Glaze and Meth

REPORT: White House Might Be Rewriting Travel Ban Order

Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Exhibit Shut Down Due to Violence

Sports Writer Who Likened Trump Inauguration to 9/11 Sues After Being Fired

Trump Eyeing Clinton Special Prosecutor Ken Starr for State Dept Job, Report Says

Ninth Circuit Rules Trump Travel Ban Remains Blocked

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