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Judge Orders Trump to Pay $300K for Stiffing Paint Company on Golf Resort Renovation

Cop Fired After Video Shows Him Stomping Handcuffed Man’s Head at Traffic Stop

Internet Goes Off the Deep End After State Senate Approves Church Getting Own Police Force

Don’t Fall for Dr. Dao’s Attorney, for Him This Case is Clearly About Money

WATCH: After Being Dragged Off United Flight, Dr. David Dao’s Legal Team Speaks

Police Investigate Officer After Video Shows Shocking Beating of Alleged Jaywalker (WATCH)

Attorney for O’Reilly Accuser Says Fox News Refused Independent Investigation

Groups Sue After Trump Admin Wouldn’t Release White House Visitor Logs

Trump Mar-a-Lago Travels Cost About as Much in 10 Weeks as Obama in 2 Years, Report Says

WATCH LIVE: Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Swearing In Ceremony

Passenger Dragged Screaming Off Plane Because Airline Overbooked Flight (WATCH)

Jersey Shore Star Facing New Tax Evasion Charges, in Bad ‘Situation’ With IRS

State Commission Cancels MMA Fighter’s Match Due to Breast Implants

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lawyers Mysteriously Withdraw From Case Weeks Before Trial

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to U.S. Supreme Court

UPDATE: Feds Withdraw Twitter Summons for Anti-Trump Account After Lawsuit

REPORT: Kushner Failed to Disclose Russian Contacts on Security Clearance Form

Man Goes Completely Nuts on Clerk After Card Declined For M&M’s, Police Say (WATCH)

Take One Guess What This Man Was Charged With?

Man Fighting MSNBC for Mistakenly Airing His Photo in Crime Story Mix Up

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