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‘Then What Does the First Amendment Mean?’ Dan Abrams Knocks White House Claim That Tax Release is Illegal

ABC Heads to Trial in Multi-Billion Dollar Case Against Meat Producer Over ‘Pink Slime’ Story

DOJ Grants $8 Million to Orlando Shooting Victims

Pregnant Woman Charged With Rape After Listing Teen as Baby’s Father on Medicaid Application

White Nationalists Pass Around Flyers Urging College Students to Report Undocumented Immigrants

‘We Will Find You’: Mischa Barton’s Attorney Warns About Alleged Revenge Porn Rumors

Dinesh D’Souza, Once Convicted by Preet Bharara, Posts Celebratory Tweet After U.S. Attorney’s Dismissal

Mom Gets 5 Years for Kidnapping Teen, Claims it was ‘To Teach Her Daughter a Lesson’

Environmentalists Carve Bizarre Message Into Trump Golf Course (WATCH)

Hero Cop Saves the Day, Rescues Choking Woman (WATCH)

These Local Officials Went to Voters’ Homes, Filled Out Ballots With Them, Report Says

WATCH: War Machine Attempted Murder, Sex Assault Trial Day 5

Curtis Reeves to Face Murder Trial, Judge Denies ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense After Hearing

‘I Won’t Teach Them’: High School Teacher Stirs Controversy With Email Against Undocumented Immigrants

ACLU Slams Sessions with Bar Complaint for Alleged False Russia Statements

Even GOP House Leaders are Worried Trump Breaking Law By Deleting Tweets

WATCH: Christy Mack Continues Testimony in War Machine Trial Day 4

REPORT: Pundit Settles With Fox News After Claims Executive Tried to Force Oral Sex

Justin Bieber Imposter Charged With Nearly 1,000 Child Sex Crimes

Attorney’s Pants Literally Catch Fire in the Middle of Arson Trial

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