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Dan Abrams Discusses Implications Roger Ailes’ Death Could Have on Fox Lawsuits

UPDATE: Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty in Teen Sexting Case: ‘I Have a Sickness’

Authorities Drop Julian Assange Rape Investigation

BuzzFeed Sues Trump Admin for Obama Wiretap Claim Records

Comey Testimony Could Rock Washington If It Happens

UPDATE: Senate Makes Correction, Not Contacted By Flynn Lawyers

Lawyer for Fox News Employees Says Ailes’ Death Gives Accusers Big Advantage

Family of Dead DNC Staffer Considering Legal Action Against Fox News for Wikileaks Story

In Robert Mueller, Russia Probe Gets Fresh Blood With Familiar Credentials

DOJ Appoints Fmr FBI Director as Special Counsel in Russia Probe

Alex Jones Settles Chobani Defamation Case, Issues Retraction

Impeachment: A Primer on How a President Can Be Removed From Office

Man Claims Mental Illness While Pleading Guilty to Murdering Teens

Lawsuit Alleges Gang Rapes, Dog Fighting at Baylor University Football Team Parties

Chelsea Manning Released From Prison After Shortened Sentence

Hold On, Prof Says, Times Report Doesn’t Make Out Obstruction of Justice

‘There’s a Lot Here That’s Really Scary’: GOP Senator Wants to See Comey’s Notes

WATCH LIVE: David Creato Murder Trial Day 10

That Time President Obama Apparently Disclosed Classified Intel Information

President Trump Asked James Comey to End Michael Flynn Investigation, Report Says

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