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Aaron Hernandez Asked for Rumored Prison Lover as Cell Mate, Report Says

Cop Quits, Faces Charges After Alleged Sex With 15-Year-Old He Met Online

‘It’s Like the Rape Victim Being Raped Again’: Lawyer Makes Bizarre Comparison at Gawker Hearing

WATCH LIVE: Hearing for Woman Charged for Stabbing in Viral Video Brawl

New Lawsuit Alleges Reporter Kelly Wright Viewed as ‘Jim Crow’ of Fox News

WATCH LIVE: David Creato Murder Trial Day 3

Jose Baez Offered to Rent Bus to Take Jury to Aaron Hernandez’s Funeral, Juror Says

Fmr Pageant Queen Convicted for Child Pornography

‘Bachelor’ Star Arrested for Alleged Fatal Hit and Run

Chobani Brings Defamation Lawsuit Against Alex Jones, InfoWars for Linking Company to Sex Assault

WATCH LIVE: David Creato Murder Trial Day 2

‘I’d Already Had Over 150 Women’: Alex Jones Takes Break From Custody Battle to Brag About Teenage Sexual Exploits

College Republicans Sue UC Berkeley Over Restrictions on Ann Coulter Event

Judge Orders Aaron Hernandez Suicide Notes to Be Released to Family

In New York Times Op-Ed, English Professor Apparently Thinks Limiting Free Speech is Good Idea

WATCH: Interview With Woman Who Settled Sexual Assault Case With Fox News

Republican Lawmaker Who Used N-Word in Front of Black Colleagues Forced to Resign

DOJ Pushes Against Sanctuary Cities With Letters Threatening to Withhold Federal Money

WATCH: Attorney in Rape Trial Calls Women Good Liars, ‘Weaker Sex’

Cops Use Instagram to Track Down Teen Suspected of School Shooting Hoax

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