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Venus Williams’ Lawyer Claims Other Driver to Blame for Fatal Car Crash

WATCH LIVE: Opening Statements in Trial of Joshua Gaspar, Charged with Killing Officer in Alleged DUI

Cosby Sex Assault Accuser Arrested on Drug Charges

Fmr Bush Lawyer: FBI Director Andrew McCabe Should Sue Trump Over ‘Baseless’ Tweet

It Sure Looks Like Steven Avery’s Lawyer Threatened Prosecutor with Defamation Lawsuit

WATCH: This Naked Man Flings 100-Pound Weights from Top of Crane

Professor ‘Annoyed’ by Well-Wishes for John McCain, Calls Him ‘War Criminal’

Year-Long Voter Fraud Probe Shows Evidence of Criminal Activity, Prosecutors Drop Case Anyway

In Legal Leap, Profs Claim Trump Could Face Criminal Charges for Pardons

Fmr Navy Sailor Pleads Guilty to Murder of Transgender Nurse

Fmr OJ Lawyer Defends Simpson, Blasts CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin

Why Trump Critics Should Pray He Pardons Himself

OJ’s Plan When He’s Released? Visit Nicole’s Grave, Friend Says

Board Grants Parole to OJ Simpson Following Hearing

OJ Simpson Pretty Much Did Everything Wrong, Passing Blame, Losing His Cool During Parole Hearing

Goldman Family Attorney Has Message for OJ: ‘This is His Moment to Repent!’

Dershowitz: OJ’s Robbery Sentence was Punishment for ‘Getting Away with Murder’

Deputy AG Rosenstein Pretty Much Throws Comey Under Bus Over Memos

WATCH LIVE: OJ Simpson Parole Hearing Coverage on LawNewz Network

If Someone Steals Your Cocaine, Don’t Call 911, and Definitely Don’t Say You’re a Drug Dealer

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