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Trump’s DOJ Attorney Stutters and Stammers His Way Through Travel Ban Hearing

Blogger Agrees to Pay Melania Trump ‘Substantial Sum’ to Settle ‘Escort’ Lawsuit

Seattle Judge is Just Wrong, Foreign Nationals Were Arrested in U.S. From Countries on Trump’s Ban List

Harvard Law Prof: Trump’s Handling of Immigration Order Could be Grounds for Impeachment

Trump Attacks ‘So-Called’ Judge But Who is James Robart? (Hint: GOP Appointee)

In Major Blow to ACLU, Judge Finds Trump Immigration Ban Doesn’t Discriminate Against Muslims

New Bill Proposes Constitutional Convention to Amend Constitution to Ban Gay Marriage All Together

Trump Lawyer Says 100,000 People Had Visas Revoked Since Immigration Ban Signed

President Trump Now Faces 39 Federal Lawsuits Related to His Immigration Ban

Trump’s Doc May Have Violated Privacy Laws to Dish on President’s Male Baldness Pills

UPDATE: Inmates Take Guards Hostage at Delaware State Prison

Trump is Apparently Pushing For it, But What is the ‘Nuclear Option’?

Either Trump Was Lying or He Just Purposely Used Judge Thomas Hardiman

Thomas Hardiman Would be Only Supreme Court Justice on Court Not to Go to Yale or Harvard Law

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump to Announce Supreme Court Nominee

FACT CHECK: Is Trump’s Firing of Yates Similiar to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre?

Who is Sally Yates? Republicans Called Her ‘Hero’ Before She Defied Trump’s Order

Is Trump’s Immigration Ban Legal? We Survey The Smartest Legal Experts

POLL: Who Should President Donald Trump Nominate for Supreme Court?

No, Judge’s Order Did Not Actually Stop Officials From Enforcing Most of Trump’s Refugee Ban

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