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Watchdog Claims They Have Evidence Bannon Was Illegally Paid as Trump’s Campaign Chair

Melania Trump Settles Defamation Lawsuit With Daily Mail Over Escort Story

The Easy Out For Fox News If They Really Want to Fire Bill O’Reilly

Crazy Video Shows Cop Slamming High-Heeled College Woman to Ground

Sounds Like Trump Literally Stole His Legal Justification for Syria Attack… From Obama

Sorry Tomi Lahren, Glenn Beck Can Likely Legally Fire You For Being Pro-Choice

Tomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck, The Blaze Over Her Firing

It is Hard to Argue Trump Has Legal Authority: CNN’s Cuomo Questions Legality of Syrian Attack

Is It Legal For President Trump to Attack Syria Without Congressional Approval?

Senate Goes ‘Nuclear’ on Gorsuch Confirmation; Here’s What That Means

President Trump Says Susan Rice Committed a Crime. Is He Right?

Ex-Fox Employee Recounts Network Boss Repeatedly Calling Her ‘One Boob Girl’ After Cancer Diagnosis

Everyone is Missing The Most Troubling Part About Fox News Sexual Harassment Scandal

Democratic Fox News Pundit Sues Network, Execs Over Sexual Harassment Claims

EXCLUSIVE: High Profile Lawyer Gloria Allred Under State Bar Investigation for Possible Misconduct

Flynn Wants Immunity. So Does That Mean President Trump is Screwed?

President Donald Trump Wants to Change the Libel Laws (Again), Except He Can’t

WATCH: Aaron Hernandez’s Fiance Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez Takes Stand

Now California Hits Anti-Abortion Activists with 15 Felonies For Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos

CNN Security Analyst’s Claims About Michael Flynn and FBI Were Wildly Irresponsible

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