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GOP Rep. Nunes May Have Just Broken Law Himself By Disclosing Trump ‘Monitoring’ Info

Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial Comes to Halt Over Rumors Juror Posted on Reddit

Gorsuch Just Confirmed That Trump Totally Made Up Stuff Again

Senator Ted Cruz Definitely Has Huge Man Crush on Neil Gorsuch

Gorsuch Denies Ever Saying Women Manipulate Maternity Leave and Then Ditch Their Jobs

Legal Expert: Obama Now Has Strong Case for Libel Lawsuit Against Trump Over Wiretap Claim

Trump Claims MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow ‘Illegally’ Published His Taxes. Is That True?

President Trump on Witness List in Case Involving Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

Snowmageddon Air Travelers: Here are Your Legal Rights

Fired U.S. Attorney Was Probing if Fox News Illegally Obtained Journalists’ Phone Records, Report Says

‘Get Away From Me!’: Pastor Goes Nuts When Confronted About His Abusive Gay Conversion Camp

WATCH: War Machine Attempted Murder, Sex Assault Trial Day 2

Trump Asks If It’s Legal for Obama to Wiretap Him… Here’s the Answer

Bill Cosby Sends Out Totally Misleading Tweet Gloating About His (Non) Court Victory

Judge Under Investigation For Allegedly Allowing Undocumented Immigrant to Sneak Out of Court

WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial — Day 3

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Literally Contradicts Trump Within Hours About Recusal Issue

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Snubs President Trump in Very Bad Decision

WATCH LIVE: Curtis Reeves ‘Stand Your Ground’ Hearing Day 7

‘That’s an Absurd Notion’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Absolutely Rips Into GOP Guest Over Trans Boy Wrestler Case

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