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Second Circuit Throws Out $1.8 Million Jury Verdict in Needle-Phobic Pharmacist Case

FACT CHECK: Spicer Tattles on Schumer For Getting It Totally Wrong About Neil Gorsuch… Who’s Right?

Bathroom Bigots Insist Billions in State Losses Are No Big Deal

6 Times When Fox’s Judge Napolitano Got Things Very, Very Wrong

Ivanka Slammed with Class Action Suit For Allegedly Illegally Using Trump Presidency to Promote Brand

Hundreds of 9/11 Families File Lawsuit Against Saudi Arabia

Next Words Director Comey May Hear From President Trump? ‘You’re Fired!’

Why We’ll Hear About Gorsuch’s Controversial Take on ‘Chevron Doctrine’

It’s Time for Fox News to Let Judge Napolitano Go

Only Campaign Finance Will Unify Democrats Against Neil Gorsuch Confirmation

Trump’s Own Words to CNN Come Back to Bite Him With Travel Ban in Court

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Homosexuality Haters Ask Supreme Court To Endorse Gay Conversion Therapy

Could Obama Sue Trump for Libel Over Wiretapping Accusation?

Trump’s New Anti-immigrant Policy Would Have Made It Pretty Hard for Melania to Get Here

Supreme Court Clerk Totally Slaps Down Bathroom Bigots For Using ‘Her’

North Carolina Says It’s Felony for Sex Offenders to Facebook and SCOTUS is About to Smack It Down

Could Oscars’ Fiasco Lead to Showstopping Lawsuit?

Trump Card: Keeping Score of Presidential Legal Issues (Week Feb. 17 to 24)

Calm Down Libs, Trump’s Policy on Transgender Bathrooms Isn’t End of the World

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