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Betsy DeVos Sinks to New Low in Telling Congress It’s Fine for Schools to Discriminate

Islamic Society Scores Win Against New Jersey Town, Mosque Will Get Built

Turns Out Trump’s 6th Circuit Pick has an Alter-Ego That’s a Super-Conservative Blogger

Even Clarence Thomas Smacked Down North Carolina Racial Gerrymandering

Could James Comey Now Sue for Defamation?

Here’s What Potential Trump Articles of Impeachment Might Look Like (Spoiler Alert: Think Nixon)

Can the President Be Indicted While in Office? Here’s Why it Could Happen

Trump Admin Lawyer Tries and Fails to Distinguish Travel Ban From Japanese Internment Camp Case

Sessions’ Disastrous New ‘Tough on Crime’ Policy Could Do Far More Harm Than Good

Could James Comey Now Sue White House for Defamation?

Trump Firing Comey Isn’t ‘Nixonian’– It’s Way Worse

Can President Trump Legally Fire FBI Director James Comey?

GOP’s Obama Hatred Actually a Good Thing This Time

Trump is About to Release His ‘Religious Freedom’ Order, and It’s Looking Awful

Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Destroys Obama School Lunch Rules Because Kids Don’t Like Whole Wheat Grits

‘New York Can Solve That’: Bill Introduced to Require Trump to Release Tax Returns

Aretha Franklin Makes Totally Strange Claim (By Fax) that Dionne Warwick Libeled Her

Why Michael Flynn Could Be in Some Deep, Deep Legal Trouble

LawNewz Network Hosts Special Hour on President Trump and Impeachment

Trump’s Lawyers Prove They Have No Idea How the First Amendment Works

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