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DOUBLE STANDARD: If Trump Jr. Committed a Crime, So Did McCain When He Sought Dirt From Foreign Spy

Man Shoots and Then Runs Over Bald Eagle For Eating Fish From His Pond

What Is Net Neutrality?

Teenager Loudly Plays N.W.A.’s ‘F-ck Tha Police’ As Thousands Of Cops Mourn At Police Funeral

Texas Judge Accused Of Using Drugs, Sexting Her Bailiff and Hiring Prostitutes

University Censures Law Professor for Brazilian Wax Exam Question

Grandfather Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison for Death of Two-Year-Old

The Reason One Attorney Says Trump Jr. Might Actually Be Screwed For Russian Lawyer Meeting

No, Trump Jr. Almost Certainly Didn’t Commit a Crime by Trying to Get Dirt from Russian Lawyer

Lena Dunham Should Be Investigated For Animal Cruelty

Escaped Inmate Apparently Used Drone To Break Out Of Prison

Wounded Cop Files Lawsuit Accusing Black Lives Matter of Inciting Violence

Judge Faces Ethics Charges After Multiple Clerks Catch Him Watching Porn

70-Million-Year Old Fish Beat Out Army Corps of Engineers In Dam Fight

Project Veritas‘ Secretly Recorded Videos ‘Exposing’ CNN Could Be Illegal

NYPD’s Solution to Police Brutality Videos? Knock Peoples’ Phones Away, Report Says

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Pleads Guilty to Grand Theft, Marijuana

Federal Judge Puts Immediate Stop To Deportations of 1,444 Iraqis in U.S.

Court Video Forces Jurors To Confront ‘Unconscious Bias’ So They Don’t Just Trust Cops

Who’s Banned From U.S. Following SCOTUS’ Trump Travel Ban Opinion?

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