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WATCH: Hit-And-Run Driver Plows Over Gas Station Attendant to Allegedly Avoid Paying $25 Tab

Cop Files Lawsuit Claiming Command Wanted Him to ‘Tone Down’ His ‘Gayness’

WATCH LIVE: Kelly Marie Cochran Dismemberment Trial Day 4

Fmr Top Obama Aide Ordered to Pay $90K Fine for Illegally Lobbying on Uber’s Behalf

Local Official Fired After Accidentally Streaming Private Sex Video on Visitors Bureau Instagram Account

Ethics Experts Concerned About Nominee Scott Pruitt’s Plans for EPA Lawsuits

Police Release Video of Armed Liquor Store Robbery Thwarted When Clerk Shot Suspect to Death

WATCH: Passerby Catches Dramatic Arrest Video After State Trooper Dragged During Traffic Stop

WATCH LIVE: Kelly Marie Cochran Dismemberment Trial Day 3

NY Attorney General Issues Urgent Warning About Scam Targeting Undocumented Immigrants

Sanctuary Policy Nearly Allowed Man Accused of Sexually Abusing 9-Year-Old to Walk Out of Jail

Federal Authorities May Be Investigating Fox News for Violating Law

College Student Suspended for Posting Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant Online (Video)

GOP Congressman Accuses Anti-Trump Protesters of Knocking His 71-Year-Old Staffer Unconscious

It Continues! Jill Stein Will Not Give Up Legal Battle Surrounding Recount Effort

WATCH LIVE: Kelly Marie Cochran Dismemberment Trial

TSA Officers Charged in Scheme to Smuggle 20 Tons of Cocaine Through Airport

Trump Administration Posted Wrong Info About Executive Orders on White House Website

Border Patrol Agents Say Captured Smuggler Confessed: ‘I Had to Get Caught Sometime’

Georgia Republicans Try to Kill Off Resolution Praising Former Acting AG Sally Yates

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