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Trump’s Loose Lips (Again) Sunk His Sanctuary City Executive Order

United Airlines Cites Wrong Rule For Illegally De-Boarding Passenger

AG Sessions Threat to Withhold Funds to Sanctuary Cities is Likely Illegal– But It May Work

Here’s Why Trump’s New Travel Ban Order May Still Fail

Trump’s New Re-Written Immigration Order May Already Have Fatal Flaw

Correcting The Record: Here’s The Truth About Judge’s Order Halting Travel Ban

Sen. Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing Testimony Strengthens Case For Hillary Clinton Pardon

Trump’s Win Helping Prove Law Schools Are Wussifying Students to Become Wimpy Lawyers

A Hillary Clinton Indictment Could Create a Constitutional Crisis

Here’s How GOP Could Replace Donald Trump

President Obama is Wrong on the Law; Trump Mostly Right On Muslim Ban

Smokers Could Lose Custody of Their Kids If They Don’t Quit

Sorry, But Harvard’s Crackdown on Same Sex Clubs is Perfectly Legal

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