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Fired U.S. Attorney’s Coy Tweet Sparks Suspicion That He Was Investigating Trump

‘I am God!’: Witnesses and Police Clash over Brutal Arrest Video

Man Allegedly Attacked ‘Saddam Hussein-Looking Guy’ in Hate Crime

Bill Would Require Automatic Blocking of Child Pornography—and Legal Porn, Too

WATCH: College Quarterback Tackled by Police Says He Didn’t Know Why Police Were Arresting Him

Obama Holdover Fired After Reportedly Refusing to Resign as U.S. Attorney

Michael Flynn Apparently Paid Retired-FBI Agent Embroiled in Clinton Email Scandal

Man Arrested for Jumping White House Fence

Planned Parenthood Rejects White House Deal to Keep Federal Funding If They Drop Abortions

Crazy Video Shows Alleged Sexual Assailant Creep Around Hotel in Ski Mask

Man Allegedly Attacked Museum Security Guard over Crooked Painting

School District Suddenly Closed on Same Day as ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Protest

Lawmaker Aims to Hold People Accountable for Recording Violent Crimes

Army Vet Who Developed Drug Habit After Returning Home Faces Deportation for Cocaine Conviction

Comey Urged Justice Department to Reject Trump Wiretapping Claim, Report Says

DoD Investigating Marines Sharing Pics of Naked Servicewomen, Report Says

‘You Know I Love You’: Accused Killer Mouthed Words to Victim’s Mother, Says Report

GOP Rep Says Committee Will ‘Make Inquiries’ into Trump Wiretapping Claim

James Clapper Says There Wasn’t FISA Court Order to Wiretap Trump

KKK Protesting After Couple Sentenced for Threatening Black Child’s Birthday Party

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