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Officer Suspended After Allegedly Showing Clerk Video of Himself Masturbating

Trump Will Do Away With Obama Transgender Student Guidelines, Report Says

Police Cancel ‘High Five Friday’ Because ‘Undocumented Children’ Might Feel Uncomfortable

11 Passengers Apparently Breeze Passed Unattended TSA Checkpoint

Beauty Queen Set Roommate’s Bed on Fire, Police Say

Jewish Community Centers Nationwide Evacuated Due to Threats

Ex-NFL Player Arrested While Naked (for Third Time), Police Say

Man Accused of Throwing Shih Tzu to Pit Bulls During Bizarre Crime Spree

Man Charged After Being Caught on Video Whipping Boy 62 Times

Police Need Help Finding Suspect in Murder of Teen Girls

Officer Loses It, Tells Man Dog Will Rip Him Apart (Video)

Non-Lawyer Stephen Miller Told US Attorney How to Defend Travel Ban, Report Says

Restaurant Fired 12 Workers Who Took Part in Anti-Trump Immigrant Protest

Democratic FEC Commissioner Resigns, Tells Trump to Fight Citizens United Ruling

Middle Schooler Threw 2×4 at Trump Motorcade, Deputies Say

Police Need Help Finding Murdered Mom’s Remains Possibly Scattered in Several States

Fight Broke Out After Someone Tried to Make Threesome into Foursome, Police Say

Police Shoot Gunman After He Spray Paints Genitals on Car

Newspaper Plans to Sue Lawmaker Who Said They Ran ‘Fake News’

Report: GOP Senators Pull Support from Labor Nominee After He Hired Undocumented Immigrant

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