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Police Say Teen Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Live Has Been Getting Harassed over Incident

Lawmaker Defends Anti-Abortion Law by Comparing Rape and Incest Pregnancies to ‘Beauty from Ashes’

Napolitano Claimed Trump Put Him on Supreme Court Shortlist, Report Says

Middle Eastern Airline Posts, Then Deletes, Tweet Banning Electronic Carry-ons on U.S. Flights

Pregnant Woman Died When Boyfriend Allegedly Used Her as Human Shield

Armed Group, Counter-Protesters and Masked ‘Socialists’ Square Off over Mosque

Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Removal of Confederate Statues

4 Arrested for Turning Jewish Family’s Menorah into Swastika

Comey Confirms FBI Investigation of Trump’s Links with Russia

Family Says Video Catches Person Putting Poison on Toddler’s Slide

Man Claims Bar Kicked Him Out over His Trump Hat

Trump Sued over the Real Amount of His Personal Debts

Congressman Says Real Harm of Russian Interference Was to Drive Wedge Between White House, Intel Community

Convicted Murderer Might Get Retrial Because Detective Had Relationship with State Attorney

Missing Student Kidnapped by Possibly Armed Teacher, Authorities Say

Warrants Out for Man Accused of Dine-and-Dashing on Multiple Dates

Ex-Congressman Actually Claims ‘Deep State’ Framed Him for Diverting Charity Funds

Judge Denies Bond to Disgraced Journalist Linked to Eight Bomb Threats of Jewish Organizations

Funny Joke? Texas Bill Would Outlaw Male Masturbation

VIDEO: Racially Charged Protests After Shop Owner Kicks, Chokes Suspected Shoplifter

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