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Bill Introduced to Televise Supreme Court Hearings, Justices Hate Idea

Would-Be Marriage Counselor Wins Lawsuit After He Refused to Work with Same-Sex Couples

Pulse Shooter’s Wife Arrested for Aiding and Abetting, Report Says

Republican Now Says It Was ‘Poor Choice of Words’ to Call John Lewis ‘Racist Pig’

Trump Met with Anti-Abortion Judge for Supreme Court Seat, Report Says

Bill Would Make It Legal to Run Over Protesters ‘Unintentionally’

Video Shows Nanny Assaulting Toddler with Curling Iron, Police Say

Famous Pastor’s Death Stirs Controversy Because He Was Once Sued for Pressuring Teens into Sex

VIDEO: Burglars Stole Stuffed Animals, Took No Cash

Chaffetz: We Won’t Go on ‘Fishing Trip’ for Trump’s Conflicts-of-Interest

GOP Rep Charged With Sexual Assault, Calls it Just a ‘Little Pinch,’ Warrant Says

Martin Shkreli Hit with ‘Poop’ During Interview, Witness Claims

VIDEO: Police Cleared in Shooting of Visibly Disturbed Man

Officer Shouldn’t Have Arrested Pastor for Preaching Outside DMV, Court Rules

Ex-Deputy Who Manhandled Student Won’t Face Civil Rights Charges

Bill Would Stop Trans People from Changing Sex on Birth Certificates

VIDEO: Suspect’s Pants Down as He Tries, Fails to Open Safe

VIDEO: ‘Branded’ Dog Forced to Ride On Top of Trailer

Flag-Burning Arrest Turns Into Lawsuit Against Police

GOP Congressman Implies Ethics Office Might Shutdown After Bizarre Twitter Incident

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