Snapchat Wants to Legalize Voting Booth Selfies

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Report: 21st Century Fox in Settlement Talks With Three Women Harassed by Roger Ailes

Two Arrested in Shooting Death of Dwyane Wade's Cousin Nykea Aldridge

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Like Something Out of a Movie, Cop Saves Man on Tracks Right Before Train Arrives (Video)

Twitter Users Post Housing Woes Under #WhyIGotEvicted

Family Sues After Shooting Instructor Killed by 9-Year-Old with Uzi

NFL Player’s Lawsuit Against ESPN and Reporter Will Go Forward

84-Year-Old Woman Threatens Lawsuit After Police Pepper Spray Her (Video)

Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Shot and Killed While Pushing Stroller

Brock Turner Judge Delayed Sentencing for Domestic Abuser so He Could Play Football

Man Arrested for Threatening ‘Gays, F—-ts, Lesbians, and Satanists’ in YouTube Video

Pastor Who Said Pulse Nightclub Victims Got ‘What They Deserve’ Now Arrested for Child Molestation

Radio Shock Jock’s Lawyers Disbarred For Setting Up Opposing Counsel For DUI

Dental Assistant Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Patients Under Anesthesia

Politician says Burkini Ban Pictures Could be Staged: ‘These Images Seem to Have Been Prepared’

Court Suspends ‘Burkini Bans’ in Almost 30 Towns

Star Athlete Gets Just Probation in Rape Case, But Let’s Not be Quite So Outraged

ISIS Hostage Family Says Obama Broke Pledge to Donate to Charity in Her Memory

Trump’s Deceptive Behavior Months Ago Indicated He Would Flip Flop on Immigration

Trump’s New Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon Once Charged With Domestic Violence

Cops: Teacher Lied About Getting Strangled with Zip Tie, Beaten

‘Do You Prefer Ma’am Or Sir?’: Feds Release Video on How Cops Should Treat Transgender People

Pretty Much No Chance Ryan Lochte Will be Extradited to Brazil to Face Charges


Don’t Fall For False Promises, Clinton Foundation's Announcement is Practically Meaningless

The Clinton Foundation has reportedly decided it will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

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